Work in Tech Moldova
- is a program implemented by HEKS/EPER in Moldova, with the support of INCO and Master the IT Profession!

We are opening a large enrollment for program applications, which provides free access to Google Professional Certifications available on Coursera.
Become a Tech professional this year!
Master the IT Profession!
Why this program ?
Normally, to get certificate education programs available on Coursera, you have to pay for a monthly subscription, the average cost of which will be ~$300 when you go through the entire program.

But now you have a unique opportunity to get the specialization for free, take advantage of online English courses, attend meetings with Recruitment specialists and IT experts, and get a certificate from Google
Free access to one of four career certification programs. It will teach you not only the necessary technologies but also the mindset and soft skills to thrive as an IT Specialist.
By the end, you’ll have the well-rounded skills needed to thrive in this in-demand role and you’ll be able to present your Google certificate to employers.
Eligibility and application
Individuals, who is facing barriers to employment or is looking for a career switch are highly encouraged to apply and be part of this empowering journey!
The spots are limited, so priority will be given to
▫︎ Men: 18-35 and
▫︎ Women: 18+
who based (temporarily or permanently) in Moldova or from
Apply to participate

! Important !
▫︎ Trainees who joined the program but had no activity during the month, according to the cohort training schedule, are removed from the program the following month without the right to renew.
▫︎ The program is designed for people who need free training now and are willing to put in the work to complete the program.
▫︎ Selection of learners is on a first-come-first-served basis.
▫︎ Once places are filled, no more applicants will be accepted.
▫︎ Courses will be organized on a group basis, and it has its own start date
(June, July, August)
▫︎ Estimated recruitment time: until the end of July, however, registration can be closed earlier
▫︎ First groups start in June
▫︎ You have to have access to a computer or a tablet (ideally a personal computer) and an Internet connection.
▫︎ You don’t need to have a previous degree.
▫︎ You don’t need to have previous experience or technical IT knowledge.
▫︎ You have to demonstrate a strong motivation. It is an intensive program, content-rich, which will require from you to be an actor of your success.

Enrolment process

Formal registration
Enrollment & orientation

Google Individual Course Certificate
Upon completion of each of the courses from the Google Professional Certification program, you earn an individual certificate of completion.

As an example for IT Support Certification program, you’ll earn the following course certificates:
▫︎ Technical Support Fundamentals
▫︎ The Bits and Bytes of Computer Networking
▫︎ Operating Systems and You: Becoming a Power User
▫︎ System Administration and IT Infrastructure Services
▫︎ IT Security: Defense against the digital dark arts
Google Specialization Certificate
Upon successful completion of the N courses (the number depends on specialization), you receive the Google Professional Certificate upon your specialization
Sharable Certificates
You can share your Certificates in the Certifications section of your LinkedIn profile, on printed CVs, or other documents to catch the attention of potential employers.

Additional features
We provide wrap-around services to support learners from the beginning to the end of their learning journey
Support through enrollment, onboarding on the Coursera platform, program tools
Access to communication channels to progress together with other learners
You get online English lessons with tutor
You get troubleshooting support
You get to webinars/sessions on soft and employability skills
You get to webinars/sessions with IT professionals and industry experts
Standard week
An example of a typical week for Work in Tech student
Independently follow self-paced course on the Coursera
Attend one of the drop-in sessions to troubleshoot any problems
Attend a practical assignment or an employability workshop
Attend online English classes
Share, collaborate and interact with your online learner-community
Complete all required quizzes and assignments on Coursera to move on towards the rest of the course
With support of
  • ▫︎ HEKS/EPER - has been working in Moldova since 2004 and since 2022 engaged in the humanitarian response to address the emergency needs of refugees and vulnerable Moldovans.

    ▫︎ While addressing basic needs, HEKS/EPER Moldova actively supports the socioeconomic inclusion of the most vulnerable for enhanced sustainability of humanitarian interventions.

  • ▫︎ INCO Academy aims to give everyone the ability to learn the skills to succeed in the digital economy.

    ▫︎ Since our founding, we have helped thousands around the world unlock technical skills and reach their full potential through tech.

    ▫︎ It is more important than ever to upskill and reskill people for the jobs of the future, to ensure equitable opportunities can be accessed by all.

  • ▫︎, the philanthropic arm of Google, supports nonprofits that innovate to address humanitarian issues.

    ▫︎ supports pursuits that can have a measurable impact on local, regional, and global issues, and rallies

    ▫︎ Google’s people in support of these efforts with a singular goal of creating a better world, faster.

    At we seek out and support organizations who are innovating and using technology to combat the world’s biggest challenges.

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